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Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Roc Reels is a Videographer, Photographer, as well as Director for Music Videos,
Short Films, Company Brands etc. He is based in Birmingham, Alabama and grew
up in Flint, Michigan during his elementary days. Later settling back in Birmingham
as he made his way into the independent music circle. Since then Roc Reels has
grown his videography business by working with local clients. He`s now personal
photographer for Bread Winner KANE and his Artillery South Brand. Also works as
Assistant Director and Actor with Atru Cinematic Films. Such short films as The
Blessing Short Film pt.1 and Running. He`s assisted with several Music Videos
with them also. Roc Reels is currently working at Team Elmore Management as
well in the video/photo department. Insuring that every client has a professional
music video and/or photo head shot, performance video and photo etc. As part of
his service to his clients, Roc Reels likes to bring his small community attitude to
all of his work. Which is at all times he maintains a professional, friendly and
personal attitude. He always sends out proofs while editing and is available by
phone or email at all times for changes during post production.




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